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Chronica is upcoming computer card game set in alternative fantasy world, inspired by 15th century Kingdom of Poland. Monsters started to crawl out of the mysterious forest and you must defeat them before they will spread across whole continent. Take control of one of the medieval Eastern Europe armies (Kingdom of Poland, Teutonic Order, Duchy of Lithuania or Tatars) and fight the legendary beasts while competing with other players the whole time. To achieve that, you must find your own strategy and plan a few moves ahead. 

It will feature ranked online multiplayer, as well as local hot-seat one, full-3D enviroment, medieval soundtrack, over 100 unique cards, historical characters and many more.  Game will be available on PC (Steam), Android and iOS smartphones (with cross-platform multiplayer), sometime near the end of 2018.

See more on our website: https://berrygames.org

Or IndieDB, or maybe Game Jolt.

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